Yugioh kaiba corp ultimate masters mod pc game with

Mark DreamlikeExplorer February 2, at 2: Anonymous June 6, at 7: Hey Ristar, can u make obelix ra and slifer with effects like in anime?! Arturia December 6, at 4: Anonymous March 6, at 4:

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Hello, I have a problem. Anonymous December 21, at 1: I see tab Online in the game but I don't know how to use it.

Have fun and thank you for ur work: Anonymous September 13, at Wouldnt be much more awesome to enjoy those cards through your games with their original effects?!: Peki July 20, at 7: Cor July 3, at 7: Anonymous June 17, at A little help please! Hey yar, depositfiles waala ye server kaam nahi kar raha hai ye game ke liye.

Anonymous June 5, at 9: Unknown November 30, at 2: Paul Sanchez Cordova January 22, at Anonymous May 17, at Anonymous January 6, at I just have one request; could I get the download for this cor; as a torrent if possible? Hey Ristar, can u make obelix ra and slifer with effects like in anime?!

Can someone especialyly you Rista explain me how to change kaiba's deck? Question, I once had a mod that had the egyptian god cards!

Anonymous March 28, at 9: Hey guys for the ones who want to duel me I'm playing the acient duel mod just sent me a message if you like to duel. Anonymous May 2, at Anonymous December 24, at 1: Anonymous January 12, at Anonymous August 19, at 7: But I guess whats the point, I mean Slyfer and oblisk card effect aren';t hard to make I think, absorb 2 other monsters to gain unlimited damage or sacrafice 2 to attack the whole playing field, and slyfer with howmany cards you hold and his second mouth, only RA would be impossible to make with all his special abilities.

This game has cards in total over added by jltimate including some anime-only cards like 3 Legendary Dragons, 3 Legendary Knights, Fossil Fusion Monsters, Orgoth the Relentless, Dragonroid Looking forward to duel other player's.

Nemanja January 9, at Anonymous January 25, at 7: All card effects, life points, counters etc. Anonymous June 18, at 8: Join me on Facebook: Anonymous June 15, at

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