Why not go right to the shelter and adopt a pet there? All the cats and kittens in our program live in homes with our volunteers. There are lots of reasons for this and we understand.

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You can email us for an application at petsconnect petsconnect. That may include basic obedience commands not real efficient with the feline sectorhousebreaking, leash control, etc. Blogs are written petsdonnect many volunteers giving you the delightful experience to 'hear' different voices!

Some people are uncomfortable going to a shelter.

PetsConnect! Inc.

We have persconnect shelter. Click here for PetsConnect Face book. We have an entire section highlighting training situations all written by volunteers who have years of experience in working with rescue dogs as well as competing in the training rings too.

Our volunteers love to hear how the animals they cared for are doing.

We rely on donations and fund-raising activities to petsconnnect our efforts to save them. The recipient will receive a photo of a dog or cat rescued from the shelter and a story about the pet. The animals are fostered by the volunteers in their homes, until a suitable home becomes available.

Click here for the Gift Program. Looking for training information? Each cat in our program lives in a home. Why not go right to the shelter and adopt a pet there?

Third Sunday starting back up February The time period also allows our trained fosters to determine the temperament of the animal, and what kind petsconnwct household will best suit its needs. We then do a complete physical exam, shots, deworming if necessary or any other care that is needed.

And our cats have really good litter box habits too! There are lots of reasons for this and we understand.

Because we keep the dogs in our homes, we can tell you a lot about the animal…. For every animal adopted, we will go to our local animal shelter and pull another! We carefully select animals we feel will make the best pets. We screen them for temperament, compatibility with other animals, etc. Box South Bend, In Phone: Post photos and updates of your petsconect adopted PetsConnect pet!

PetsConnect! Homepage

We are working on developing a new website: Each one has been tested negative for Feline Leukemia. We go to the shelters for you. Lots of them have caring, trained staff ready and very willing to help you make a good choice.

We are dedicated to working with shelters. Read updates about animals now available for adoption; animals that have been in our petsclnnect and events. During that time, our wonderful foster homes work with the animals, doing some basic training. The good, the bad and the ugly! Basic Procedure Information To adopt an animals please fill out an application.

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