The errant resistor was found below the top cathode follower that uses two cathode resistors in series; the top resistor was and should be 7. In either configuration, one device is the star, the leader of the entire circuit I like to "digest" new music with headphone listening. Train travel was common back then and most knew the loud sounds intimately—besides, train noises could really show off your stereo system

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Printed Circuit Boards and Kits

The bottom OpAmp is enslaved to the top OpAmp. One idea that has danced in my mind for a long time now is that I would like to force a chip amplifier, such as the LM, into class-A mode Grid leak biasing requires that non-leaky coupling capacitors and low-level input signals, as the circuit is prone to blocking distortion, which arises when the grid draws positive-grid current and the coupling capacitor becomes negatively charged, but can only slowly discharge due the the large-valued grid resistor.

Finding the grid resistance when it is driven positively is not easy. Of course, if this output stage were nested within a power amplifier, no coupling capacitors would be needed.

Tube CAD Software & New Products

Large values are a bad idea, however, when it comes to tube rectifiers. As I am sure you can guess, a little math will solve just about any problem. More Cathode-Coupled Amplifiers Having made over fifteen posts on the topic of the cathode-coupled amplifier, what more can I say?

Click on image to see closeup The two flanking switches also double as balance control.

I haven't mentioned it it so far, but the intended use for the Universal Octal kit is for those designs that have the tubes protruding through the chassis tubeecad panel, much like MX missiles leaving their silos. Now, the V might prove to high in value, if bigger output signal voltage swings are required from the phase splitter.

How much less depends on the triodes used.

I did, but I could not say what it was. A current-out amplifier is in many way an inversion of a voltage-out amplifier I was hoping that this first post of would sport a new wider format that would automatically tubecd to the viewing device. Like so much that is Italian, the design and layout are gorgeous, displaying a refined elegance and an extravagant and opulent use of white space; just a decade later, this near classical clarity of design layout will succumb to the drug-induced altered consciousness of the late s.

While the program's main concern is active filters, solid-state and tube, it also does passive filters. So, while I was designing these Triadtron circuits, I kept wondering if there was any possible phono preamp application Below is the result The magazines are from the late s and early s and splendid to behold. True, such a mechanical failure is rare, but is not impossible. Well, in this issue, I discovered at least two interesting circuits. The key frequency to look at is Hz, as that is going to be the ripple frequency here in Northern America.

The 6BX7 is a tough triode that can easily drive such a load.

Oddly enough, no grid-stopper resistors are used anywhere; not a good idea. For me, it makes or breaks a stereo system. In fact, it can be used to calculate passive crossovers for use with speakers by entering 8 ohms as the terminating resistance. Well, prepare to feel topsy-turvy, as you are about to encounter the seemingly impossible.

I love this signal selector, as it switches the grounds along with the signal hots Is it a piece of artwork, worthy of window display in exclusive art galleries?

Second, your shipping was lightning-quick. By the way, the 3k cannot be replaced with a ohm or a 30k resistor, as 3k is the value that results in a ripple null on the left side of the 3k resistor.

Tube CAD Journal

And it is hard to imagine anything as simple as an electronics device that holds but a single triode—two for stereo Until I run out of those PCBs or until my next post I made the PCB half an inch taller, which allowed a fatter heatsink to be used. Bollen's Distortion-Reducer Circuit Bollen's distortion-reducing approach requires that three additional signal amplifiers are added to an existing power amplifier. Which tubes did I used?

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