Carefully remove the board and replace it with a new one if necessary. I opened it up and reseated video cable on both ends I think — still vertical lines. Do you know if the backlight of screen is the problem or the inverter? Sorry i have another question. Sony is still present in the smartphone and tablet market, yet not among the Top 5 manufacturers.

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Connecting An External Display You said external monitor works fully, it means the graphics card works properly. I can see it working in the back ground but it is dark.

Sony VAIO VGN-SZP PCG-6V1L Laptop Notebook! | eBay

Could be bad memory module. They are the same size displays, but different resolutions, plus the HD display sonu 2 lamps vs.

Assuming the port is the same, is it possible in term of motherboard power or graphic card power or of whatever reason that I do not know of.

I cannot answer your question without looking at the laptop. Find where you can change the Sony vaio vgn sz645 brightness settings and reduce brightness for the battery mode when AC adapter is unplugged.

How would I know?

Exactly sony vaio vgn sz645 do I reset the cables once Sz6645 have taken apart the screen? Is this the best place to get one? I plugged the laptop into an external monitor and the screen is fine, so it is not a motherboard problem. The inverter board gets power from the motherboard via a cable.

Power off the laptop. Find the screen model number and search on eBay, amazon, google. Using The Keyboard Could they be someplace else and exactly what do those rubber plugs look like?

Jeffery, is it possible to clean the inside of the plastic cover on the veiw screen? Another plug sony vaio vgn sz645 on the video cable. Anyone know where to find eitehr an LCD that has two plugs or a new inverter that has one plug?? Please, switch sz45 ad blockers. I had a new screen so I put it in sony vaio vgn sz645 it does the same thing. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. Tested the video card using an external monitor, beautiful picture.

Calculate Varies based on location and shipping method. Also the screen on vajo has lost its backlight but I can clearly see the screen itself is not damaged.

Sony VAIO VGN-SZ645 Manuals

Hi, First, great instructions. You can sony vaio vgn sz645 a new replacement screen if you google the model number from the original screen. Whether you should get the B or another SZ depends on ssony specific needs and budget.

In addition looks like in standby mode because if I move the mouse vqio press the keyboard nothing happend. Strange thing is, when I lift up the screen at a certain angle or push it way back, the screen would sometimes become complete again. Sounds sony vaio vgn sz645 a problem with the LCD screen. Now my problem is that my new screen only has one plug coming from the LCD sony vaio vgn sz645 the stock inverter and the old LCD has two.

Can this be made to work? Would you agree with this? Test your laptop with a known good backlight lamp.