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Our genius developers are perhaps working on something behind the scenes to help with this, nothing confirmed but an idea is floating about. It is too clean — nearly boring. Sorry to hear you are disappointed Sarah. That would be excellent if you could.

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Mustafa February 7, at 6: Then you can either upload an image using the Featured Image panel, or you can paste a video embed code.

Whitelight - WooThemes Premium WP Theme - Wordpress :: WooThemes

Hi, I have bought this theme, and it looks great. Glad I upgraded my account now!

Probably not — we live in a fallen world where the truth is often unclear. If you do need to open a ticket please make sure to provide us with all the needed information as described here https: I learn new things every day and the support from the ninjas are outstanding.


I hope this explains the reasoning behind the theme. Mike Panic March 2, at 3: The layout is responsive and will change based on the browser resolution. Shortcodes helps you to easily display a button, icon etc.

Our first business theme in is a beauty! Custom Woothemss You can customize the typography in the theme to suit, and there is full support for Google Fonts in the font selector.

We will also add feedback functionality and widget in v1.

Our Buying options page is not like that. This design is really outstanding. Frontend editing would be easier for them.

Wootheme / WHITELIGHT THEME/ EVENT CALENDAR | The Events Calendar

On September 25, Great job Chris and Woo!! Next is the Features Area. Because I really like some of the ideas on this site. A very nice point: You can choose how many posts to show, a message to display with the blog area, customize the image sizes, and more. It will be very nice having this in stable of themes to choose from. As for the theme itself, Sarah, I believe it is well-designed.

Below are the dimension of the theme layout. Then be sure to assign the Portfolio page template to it. Now one problem I have with this theme in the responsive design is on the iPhone.

WPML team is replying on the forum 6 days per week, 22 hours per day. We actually just a did recent modification of Canvas that looks very similiar to this.

Michael Krapf February 7, at Cobus Bester February 7, at 9: It features a clean and responsive design, customized modular homepage, portfolio functionality that we all love and woothekes WooCommerce goodness child theme for your e-commerce needs.

Magnus February 7, at 6: Hi Tim, Woohemes for getting in touch.

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