Broadway nepeta insanity

I don't own the song or the characters, unless indicated otherwise, k? I gently placed them correctly, accidentally scraping my claws against his pale-gray face, making more of his blood flow. Am I finally snapping?

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Her broadwag purple blood flowed from her center also, and soaked my clothes even further as I crawled to her body. I continued to lick my arms until all traces of blood was gone.

I held up Feferi's head. The blood on my clothes began to freeze me, and I could barely stand it. I was back under his spell, though it didn't particularly feel like it. The male voice asked.

If I did, id be one lucky motherfucker. Then, I felt the head disappear. The tea was sweet and syrupy, just the way I like it. I then began to saw off my most trust moirail's head off.


insanlty I was even beginning to enjoy my work. Soon, I had gulped down about ten cups of the addicting tea and was barely aware of my surroundings, other than a gentle voice caressing my hearing ducts, promising that I'll have my friends back. And I assisted, albeit indirectly. I started to hack off Feferi's head next. I wanted them back more than anything, so I walked into the light, still crying but determined to get my friends back. I wondered before another one reached my lips.

Why are her moirails dead but she's still alive? I giggled again, this time a bit louder. With each cup, I felt as though I was sinking deeper into something sinister.

Three different colors coated the area around them. I drank more, and soon I had drained the entire cup.

Without a word, I began to slice off his head using my blood-stained claws. The male voice beckoned to me, and I found myself following instructions without hesitation again. They pleaded with me, told me to stop.

The taste of freshly-spilt blood. I could hear voices. Then, I decided there should be some kind of, yknow, story to it.

Broadway Nepeta Insanity

I sobbed once, then I giggled insanely. I wasn't worried about the cold anymore. The shock was over. It stained my gray palms, still warm, but cooling rapidly. Feferi was one of my best moirails.

I crawled away from Equius' body and into a dark corner, sobering up suddenly. Not planning on putting matespritship in here, but The chair was very comfortable, but I sat rigidly, staring steadfastly into broaddway fire.

Just one more, my pet, and you'll get a treat.

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