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For the gas phase that is formed the total pressure is given. With FactSage you can calculate the conditions for multiphase, multicomponent equilibria, with a wide variety of tabular and graphical output modes, under a large range of constraints. First check that the problem does not appear here - most problems are documented on this page. See also the previous question on TiAl. XML files are Internet friendly and can be accessed in a browser environment.

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The program can not be accessed by other PCs. Now you can custom select the species. EquilibPhase Diagram and OptiSage engines.

It is primarily used for figures produced by Phase Diagram. Otherwise your calculated equilibria are for metastable states.

Carbon has two allotropes: Unlike Phase DiagramPredom offers some options useful in predominance-type diagrams. Both of these are metastable in the respective binary subsystems and the cementite phase is only found as a stable phase when both Cr and Fe are present in the system. There are other databases available for an additional cost - these are all listed in the 'Documentation' section. You can calculate as many points as you wish.

Skip to content Because of its high degree of user-friendliness FactSage provides the proverbial fingertip access to Computational Thermochemistry. There are two safe ways to convert a client version to a standalone sogtware vice versa: If you do NOT include them you must keep in mind that your computed equilibria are for metastable states!

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Other Error Messages and Bugs: What are the leasing and purchase options? Now install FactSage in the usual manner. You can also obtain both databases for an additional cost.

Please refer to the previous question, 6. For the latest news about FactSage 7. Please subscribe to our newsletter for information on upcoming training courses and other updates.

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These solutions should not be selected as possible product phases unless you really know what you are doing for example selecting "FToxid-SLAG? You can include other databases as well - for example private data imported from a ChemSage file.

Sottware - Databases 2. Nevertheless it will remain fairly constant over a few degrees and we have applied a conservative range of 5 K. In the Reactants Window enter your initial substance, e. Blog posts in the application area "Microstructure Control". From the Fe-C system we know the data for the interstitial mixing of C in Fe.

In this event the Compound program may be used to enter your own data.

It calculates the concentrations of chemical species when sovtware elements or compounds react or partially react to reach a state of chemical equilibrium. In the Reactant Window you override the input default mass units by entering ' mol' and ' g' following the amounts in the Mass input box.

Sorry, not at this time. A regular upgrade schedule ensures that new technical and user friendly interface features are added. With the OptiSage program you can utilize experimental phase diagram and thermodynamic data in order to obtain the coefficients of G-functions of compounds or of the constituents of solid and liquid solution phases as well as the coefficients of excess Gibbs energy models for the solutions. SimuSage process simulation package.

Factsagf rule applies also more generally to any solution with 2 sublattices. The mass balance is not taken into account.

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