The Eclipse II’s keys feel cramped in comparison. Like most other posters, where is the G15? Kills,deaths, ammo count,map, ping, number of players, etc So though the G15 may be great for gamers, I wasn’t looking at them in this article for that purpose. It’s taken us a while to get our hands on Saitek’s Eclipse II backlit keyboard. Saitek’s keyboard delivers on the backlighting, but that and the slightly lower price are its only advantages. There are four media rocker switch controls surrounding the brightness dial, and none of them are etched to allow backlighting.

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So far, no other keyboard has any paint coming off, but I have only used the Saitek II and Merc for 2 -3 months.

There must also be one I missed below the brightness dial on the top ij. And considering that the Tarantula is only about half an inch wider than the Eclipse II counting saitk Eclipse II’s feetit’s not like the Tarantula is a bigger desk hog.

In the Eclipses, the keys are either spaced a very little further apart, or are just slightly smaller to allow backlighting saitek eclipse ii seep between the keys.

Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard Review

Don’t saitek eclipse ii this again. You might want to add Logitech G15 to the list, which is not only a backlit keyboard, but comes also with saitek eclipse ii 3x 18 programmable “G” keys and universal LCD display.

There have been a few big names in the PC peripheral game for quite a while now. The red is the best, no eye strain as I’m half asleep. Except for the corner extensions, the keyboard is fairly compact.

We wish that Saitek had also refined the key feel and added a few other features. But for gamers who demand performance first, the Tarantula is the board to beat. It has 10 additional customizable saitek eclipse ii keys which, along with the media-control and image-zoom keys, line the side of the Tarantula, making them easy to reach.

Gone are the three sets of 6 programmable G keys and in their place are a total of 6 three saitek eclipse ii of 2 — vertically stacked at that!! Heresy of the first sort. It looks cool, but makes non-touch typing a little harder.

Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard – Keyboards with Backlit Keys

Glad I got my old G15!! Like most other posters, where is the G15? I had 2 reasons Review Iu Review Specs. It is designed to control media appliances, and work portably. They had something wrong with the saitek eclipse ii, it’s fixed now.

I Use the Eclipse Saitek eclipse ii myself I liked it so much I bought a 2nd saitek eclipse ii for my other computer. Below you will see the different examples of the coloring that you can expect to enjoy when you use an Eclipse II yourself. The lighting is still a little uneven, as it particularly shows up on the oddly fat space bar, but overall it is easier to read and more even with the Eclipse Saitek eclipse ii. Kills,deaths, ammo count,map, ping, number of players, etc We fell in love with the Razer Tarantula recently, partly because its wide key tray gives your fingers plenty of space and allow each key room to breathe.

The upper characters on the number and the greater than, less than, comma and period keys were particularly hard to discern. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I bought another since there was no alternative at the time, and had to resort to applying several layers of clear nail-polish before I started using the new keyboard.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. One thing that I loved about the G15 was the fact that each key was lit up individually as opposed the Eclipse II zaitek saitek eclipse ii lighting was underneath all the keys and the light comes through saitek eclipse ii laser etched keys.

Keyboards with Backlit Keys

There you have it. For all of eclopse useful features, our biggest problems with the Eclipse II lie in the parts that should be the most refined: Bright when you need it and dim when you want to be romantic.

Huge letdown from tom’s hardware the start of saitek eclipse ii