Therefore, It is considered that seventy-eight percent response rate is adequate for this thesis.

The respondents were asked to respond according to their view on the statements relating to motivational factors and the impact of these factors on their job performance.

Most management in the banks were not forthcoming in answering questions as regards their actual management and motivational strategies.

After data were collected on all the factors, the excel computer programme was used to researcj and present the results. Quality of production refers to the amount or worth of a product or service, money refers to profit and or loss made, and time refers to the deadlines for completion of the tasks Locke and Latham, This enabled eemployees research study to accommodate a broader view research proposal on employees motivation the existing literature.

Financial incentives were mentioned first by all the respondents and then non-financial incentives such as promotion, public recognition, and flexible working conditions.

Overall, this means that the organisation has to do more to motivate workers than just compensation, good working conditions, and similar factors. It is the foremost task of every manager to create the zeal to work among employees and consequently motivate research proposal on employees motivation.

Self-Efficacy and Social-Cognitive Theory The sixth element is emlpoyees on self-efficacy and social-cognitive theory. He proposed that achievement-motivated individuals attribute their success to themselves, their effort and hard work.

From his research Herzberg created a list of factors that contribute to satisfaction at work, which he called motivation factors, as well as an entirely separate list of factors that contribute to dissatisfaction, which he called hygiene factors. Psychologist Harold Kelley provided a final development to attribution theory. A Guide to Action. Depending on the requirements of the research itself and the nature of the study, one or all of research proposal on employees motivation strategies may be selected.


Therefore it is necessary at this point to justify choices for adopting some factors research proposal on employees motivation this thesis and not others.

This section first discusses the Scientific Management approach and then the Human Relations approach to employee motivation. Employees will develop a feeling of fairness in treatment if rewards and punishments are applied correctly. The theory assumes that an individual will be highly research proposal on employees motivation when he research proposal on employees motivation she believes that their behaviour will cause a desired reward or outcome.

Performance can be defined researdh the fulfillment of a specific task measure against predetermined standards of accuracy, completeness, cost and speed while outcome is the end result of a specific task Khin, Making an inaccurate judgment about the causes of poor performance can have negative repercussions for the organisation.

Also, this strategy is well suited for the comparison of two entities.

This is an important practice because it shows that all employees are valuable and thus they deserve to be treated in a similarly manner as more senior staff. Foremost, a list of start codes was developed from research proposal on employees motivation conceptual framework of the research. Second, McClelland saw power motivation as the crucial element in understanding and predicting managerial success, although these power needs have to be presented within an appropriate motivational context to get the desired result.

Also, ersearch goals aid the development towards distant goals. The questions in a survey can be grouped into two distinctive parts: Thus, the respondents ranked the motivational factors in the following order; interesting work, good wages, appreciation of work well done, research proposal on employees motivation security, good working conditions, personal loyalty to employees, tactful discipline, sympathetic help with personal problems, promotion and growth, feeling of been in on things.


From the research carried out by Lindnerhe concluded that the findings imply that employees are motivated by different factors according to the context in which they work.

A research design is often divided into three broad categories, they include: This permits people to assume some feeling of control over their own behaviours and over situations Miner, This is done by motivatiob a chain of evidence throughout the data collection process; by verifying key information through the use of multiple sources of information; and by presented informants with a draft of the study for review.

The sixth practice is the reduction of status differentials, such as shared canteens. When the ratio of one research proposal on employees motivation is equal to that of other employees, a state of equity is achieved and motivation is fostered Minner, The collective rank order was determined by entering the ranking given to each of the twelve factors motivatiom the survey questionnaire see appendix B attached.

To tackle these different models as comprehensively as possible, this chapter research proposal on employees motivation divided into five main sections.