Find how many minutes Matt has guitar lessons in six weeks. Work Backward Standard 4MR1.

Jacobo will be 7 and his brother will be 3. Problem-Solving Investigation Lesson 5 Menu. Use Multiplication and Division”— Presentation transcript: About project Baxkwards Terms of Service.

So, if there were 14 students originally, there would be or 25 students in the club now. Each side of the equation must be divided by the same number to keep the equation balanced. If correct, the next page will load with a graphic first — these can be used to check. wkrk

Chapter 6 Algebra: Use Multiplication and Division

Use Models Step 2 Find the value of c. Choose a Strategy Plan You can use a table to help you solve the problem. Use the Order of Operations Example 2: Perimeter, Area, and Volume Click the mouse or press the space bar to continue. So, the answer is correct. Solve Equations Mentally One Way: Find Missing Numbers Example 4: Backwadrs Models Step 1 Model the equation.


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End of Custom Shows. Solve Equations Mentally I will solve multiplication and division equations mentally. Problem-Solving Strategy Lesson 2 Menu.

Choose a Strategy Check Look back at the problem. How many bars did he have to start with?

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Find a Rule Standard 4AF1. A total of 24 T-shirts were bought. Start with the end result and subtract the students who joined the club.

Solve Equations Mentally Another Way: Work Backward Check Look back at the problem.

Currently, there are 25 students in the club. Generate and describe sequences.

Write and solve an equation to find out how many T-shirts each person bought. Then use the equation to find the missing number. Order soolving Operations Example 1: Choose a Strategy Standard 4MR1.

Lesson 2 Standard 2. Find a Rule Answer: Each CD case has 2 CDs inside.