Even better, arrange time to speak one-on-one with students about their work. Does the student include reasoning that supports the solution? You also might try giving all students the same assignment and then using it for a class discussion.

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One first-grade teacher made journals of stapled sheets of paper. Download the PDF from here. Making slight variations to a task problem solving math journals for primary students. The methods that children use for representing their thinking will also change over the course of a year. What is a math journal? More bodies were triangles than rectangles. The teacher chose a few entries to read aloud, without using names, asking the students to listen carefully and determine whether they could “see” what the writer had done.

Initially many students will need support and encouragement in order to communicate their ideas and thinking clearly on paper but, as with any skill, the more they practice the easier it will become.

Many tasks have multiple solutions and students should be encouraged to choose their own method of solving problems and problem solving math journals for primary students their findings.

The important thing is to ensure that students are being given regular opportunities throughout the year to represent their mathematical thinking in ways which makes sense to them.


Here are some ideas to help you get started. Teachers need to model the writing process and the language of mathematics. This is not only overwhelming, it’s not necessary when children are learning.

Writing In Math

What made it clear? The Teacher Store Cart. There are many ways to motivate children to write: At times students may be asked to reflect on their math learning.

stufents While students learn how to “do” math, they must also learn how to articulate what they are learning. PreK—K1—23—56—8.

Heinemann Education Books, Inc. In the end I questioned the students to see how they had changed since September. Some teachers like to introduce tasks whole class and then place tasks in centers for children problem solving math journals for primary students revisit at other times throughout the year.

Students soon began to contribute their own ideas about problem solving but continued to model the writing process by recording their comments on chart paper. What did you do to solve this problem? Would this problem be easier today than yesterday? First I modeled my own problem-solving process by thinking out loud as I solved problems and as I recorded my reflections on chart problem solving math journals for primary students. A third-grade teacher did the same thing, but also had a space for the time at the top of each sheet, for children to practice reading the clock and recording what they saw.


One change in my teaching is due to the classroom research into mathematics journals I completed recently for my Masters of Education. Tasks may also be used for assessment purposes, or as homework.

I now believe writing belongs in mathematics and is as important in developing students’ mathematical knowledge as numbers and computation. Was the explanation clear? Surprised with the split in their choices, I asked students to explain: Good tasks are open ended probkem allow for different strategies and products to emerge.