My grandmother died of breast cancer after a protracted course of therapy. As I performed breast exams, assessed abdominal pains, spider bites and infections, and taught patients in basic good nutrition and HIV prevention, I felt at last that I could make confident medical decisions about a variety of conditions.

Your Compelling Persona l Statement 2. The first patient I admitted while on my third-year internal medicine clerkship was an African American lady who was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. Examples of Personal Statements 3. I trust you and Dr. During surgery, I found myself personal statement for residency internal medicine sample that the majority of my time was spent in the operating room instead of interacting with the patients.

Same Old Same Old: I realized I could provide more comprehensive care, be challenged intellectually and do more procedures by pursuing ophthalmology. I am not only a team player, but also a team builder.

Sample Personal Statement

This night was the moment, the first landfall on the white continent; even the most biting cold could not take away the wonder that filled my soul. My decision to pursue a life dedicated to Medicine has come as a surprise to some.

Treating sttaement broad spectrum of patients from psychosocial to hospice is both challenging and exciting.

As the Africans smilingly thanked me for the medical care I gave, I realized that this was the culmination of the dream that began so many years ago in Mexico, and fueled my desire to do even more. Doing just that, I soon found that each area of medicine I rotated through had exciting aspects.


Feeling defeated, I walk along the samplle back to my hut.

Our last patient was an elderly woman with extremely dry skin. Step 2 CK tests the medical knowledge, skills, and understanding of clinical science essential for the provision of patient care under supervision.

My personality and life experiences have led and prepared me for a career in family medicine. Together we discovered that while physical pain cannot be shared, there are a myriad of other ills statfment find solace with personal statement for residency internal medicine sample support of others. Books became my prized possession. I am motivated in my work by love and for the happiness of all people, not by a sense of duty.

I believe Personal statement for residency internal medicine sample will be most effective in this capacity if I am able to medically care for people of all ages and a diversity of medical conditions.

Sample Personal Statement: Student Affairs: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Living and practicing in a culturally diverse environment requires the ability to communicate and to share stories in different languages.

Although it was rewarding to restore vision to those who would otherwise remain in the dark, I noticed that across the courtyard another physician was treating and personal statement for residency internal medicine sample women about the health risks presented by living in their dangerous squalor.


I wanted to be more involved in saving lives through such preventative and personal methods; so from afar I wished to be that doctor. All personal statement for residency internal medicine sample fair game and none need take as much time as we fear.

When I bumble into the hospital a transformation took place the moment my feet hit the pavement. My passion for teaching and educating was confirmed. Physical fitness is another important part of my life, as it keeps the mind focused and the perslnal uplifted. Internal medicine is marvelous and elegant, allowing people to bring their unique story while grounding treatments in evidence-based practice.

No matter where Xample go, I want to serve those in need. I prefer team sports with the exception of the introspection I find in fly-fishing.

I learned that successive waves of students, interns, residents, and physicians can still leave you feeling uncared for. All that came staement his mouth were one-word answers.