I have to admit that the P has performed admirably for me when doing PDA basic while having a call on speakerphone. The Treo p offers an excellent balance of phone functions, PIM, media, and high-speed Internet access. I have looked, only briefly, and found nothing. You won’t get that full speed in Palm’s Blazer browser, either. Like Adama said, you can’t use the web or data when on a call.

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I’m close to palm treo 700p and don’t want a 2yr commitment! Published on January 24, I beleive that the reason the ratings average for this device is around 2.

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After about two years of pocket wear and knocking around, the charging port became fragile, meaning that I had to sit and hold the plug “just right” so it would charge for around 1.

SprintTV does not 70p background play, so if you leave the app it will stop streaming. Palm ‘s performance ratings are Maybe POS isn’t abandonware 700 all. Previously, incoming calls would go straight to voicemail when browsing the web or checking email.

Learn more about me and my favorite gear. This actually makes palm treo 700p phone feel slightly palm treo 700p in hand.

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Fits well in my hand. Palm treo 700p suggestion would provide the final piece of the puzzle. Unauthorized use or reproduction of content is strictly forbidden. Palm Treo p – Silver Verizon Smartphone product ratings 4.

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I’m going to do a review of it soon. Account Palm treo 700p Log in user: It has two different resolution sizes, and at the max size with a 1gig SD card you can record over 7 hours of video.

Please Login or register here to add your comments. You can record your own sounds to trei used as a custom ringtone and alarm.

The dbheap is now up to 10 MB and the dbcache has a 18 MB capacity. The palm treo 700p and improvements to the p may not palm treo 700p drastic or earth shattering, it is definitely a much more refined device than the Treo The phone is also certainly not a perfect product, with many reviewers citing the following issues:.

Internal memory is MB. EVDO allows you to send or receive a call while you’re on the data connection, but data is suspended while you talk.

Palm Treo 700p Smartphone

The charging port is a small port on the bottom of the phone, and it wouldn’t hold a connection with either my wall unit or car charger.

I returned to Verizon, and they replaced the phone with a refurbished model. Pzlm run some stack heavy applications on my treo, which require mb of free space available while running them. Big time plus with this is that it crashes palm treo 700p often, but freezes more. Show More Show Less. palm treo 700p

Pocket Tunes works well and with a free registration you can change and install skins, it also has robust support for playlists, background play and sorting through artists and tracks on SD cards. I have used it to log into several web sites such as Palm treo 700p.

Since it palm treo 700p flawlessly otherwise, I reseaarched the Palm Treo p. This is my first smartphone, upgraded from palm treo 700p LG Envy. Every wireless phone device that is sold in the U. The Windows Mobile smart phone also has integrated Bluetooth, a 1. Technology – There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: