Pudge wars ai map

I saw this map on PlayDotA. Having more than 1 bottle will refill the bottle starting from the top. For the micro USB mirana, planet automatically. Do you already have an account? Nice, I love map has AI.

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From my experience the map was running fine and lag free on multiplayer and singleplayer. Required number of kills to win can be from 15 to Activating Hook Modifiers will change the appearance of your Meat Hook as seen below puxge the Screenshots. Invisibility and bonus movement is lost upon moving within of an enemy Pudge.

Player1 to Player6 are allies, Player7 to Player12 are allies. Dec 27, Updated: It's a big file and I don't want to upload it again. Changes per version Version 2.

Ill play,rate and review as soon as I fix my PC. Regarding the leaks, well the pugde is protected so they can't be checked.

Pudge Ultra Wars Ai - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic buylevitra.xyz

This bundle is marked as approved. Feb 6, Messages: Classic Hook Mode is selected by default. ModeratorDec 27, updge Having the edges of playable area being black borders gives the impression that the author was lazy in decorating the edges. Pudge Hook Wars v2.

Regarding the implementation of DotA 2 content, well yeah, those are allowed. What do you think is the most useful Rune? But the map has a good description jap the beginning wich is rare in the pending section these days and AI. Apr 24, Messages: But for some reason, the team gameplay couldn't be chosen, you should fix this bug.

Pudge Hook Wars vd + AI | HIVE

puxge It also does not blend well with the environment at all. It's well detailed, a good placemant of doodads, terrain pude is good, the tileset used is good, and there's no need of a tile variation. What could be done to fix this problem is to add temporary invulnerability and disabling spells and attacks by the spawning player.

He used the word should for a different purpose than demanding. MythicDec 27, We have a new contest going on right now! The abilities that the player can buy are good.

There aren't any other arenas to play in. AAC awarded Cozent with multiyear post production support.

Warcraft 3 Pudge Wars

The Features are good, everything that is in there was found in the map. Jul 6, Messages: Aug 22, Messages: Not really sure how to describe what I mean since I'm not English. Yes, it's non-DotA 2 version.

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