Snipers are wussies

Originally posted by Chris:. Last edited by Ryanjpn ; Mar 17, 6: I am a very aggressive player and take on most fights.

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Snipers Are Wussies on Spotify

Many times I've had a sniper just jump out and kill me, and playing against teams which are mostly playing snipers, it really does ruin the game. No substantial space between bases. Just my opinion here, but hiding is a strategy.

I am fine with multiple ways of playing and getting to the end. Most snipers don't know how to properly quickscope, thus if you stop playing like an idiot and use some slight game sense, you can get around them. No free Twinkies in spawn rooms. Anyone else fed up of snipers just camping everywhere, being able to "jump" out on you and instakill. Do the benefits of taking that guy out outweigh the benefits of having a higher health count for the next fight? Phase 1 this, Phase 1 that We can't say Beta because that makes it look bad.

That fact that the VS get screwed with ES pistols. If you can't aim against ground vehicles Log in or Sign up. You picked this decent game and you should not miss the opportunity, to have fun. I actually hate this line but guess I have to say that.

Wusxies the "camper" can outgun him at this point then he definitely deserves to win the match. If I was in a tournament to win. I don't mind if they got removed entirely, and SMG infiltrators don't bother me one bit. DracoreanAug 25, I hate the design of most of the aircraft in the game despite loving flying the mostReaver shouldn't sre wings sticking out of its vtol engines, wings need to be fixed in place and the engines need to be THE ONLY MOVING PART when they change wssies, as it is now its technically the worst aerodynamic vehicle in the game from a technical stand point, the valk will be worse if its released in its current state.

Some players are aggressive like yourself, others are sneaky, others are builders.

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What are the things you hate about this game? Also, having more resources definitely gives you an advantage over other people, because it lets you win extended fights against other good players who build mid fight. Snipers are powerful, even they seem to be OP sometimes.

Thrasher View Profile View Posts. Just sit in 3rd person look around and listen and when its clear move to next hiding spot.

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Start a New Discussion. Don't need to cert into vehicles to use. There was the sniperx same topic before then I say this again.

I would go to a good low traffic spawn. Give us the mp7! Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Maestro View Profile View Posts.

Try to fight off the last guy or couple of them if you got spotted you're dead in this case with your green m4 or semi-shotgun while he's flooding you with rockets and hundreds of bullets. This is ONLY to be used to smipers spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

Another fix could be adding massive aimpunch when you get shot and are ADSing with a sniper, so that your aim goes way, way off and youll never get the headshot, but could still get a lucky body hit. Harasser weapons buffed to tank equivalents, at certification cost and slight speed reduction.

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