Simply tap and hold anywhere within the scene, and start dragging your finger around in a circle. It also suggests that you add the hashtag mirrorgram when you share your photo. Get daily tips in your inbox.

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Mirrorgram is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and can be downloaded for free. Design your own, custom, art merch 3. Mirrorgram is a free download in the iTunes App Store, but you can also purchase a more filters by spending the 99 cents. As you drag your fingers, you will see the photo change its reflection angle. Social Media WhatsApp Web: Apple CarPlay Quick Guide: The gesture is extremely easy to work with. With SparkMode you can layer multiple image effects to create kaleidoscopic patterns, trippy, abstract art, and beautifully symmetrical photo edits; and you can design physical art to make your offline world more beautiful, too.

Then guide your finger through the photo to set the inflection for the mirrored photo.

SparkMode – formerly Mirrorgram by Mirrorgram, Inc.

We're starting with canvas art, stickerbooks, and prints, and plan to expand into new creative mediums in You may also import existing pictures from your photo library. Simply tap and hold anywhere within the scene, and start dragging your finger around in a circle. Apart from that, you have a respectable collection of free and paid photo filters displayed along the bottom edge of this screen, while the aforementioned mirforgram effect can be selected from the top of the screen.

You can also choose from a selection of filters to add the Instagram effect to photos. Sure, the app has all the usual filters vintage, sepia, etc. Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

Mirrorgram is another cool photo app mirrirgram the simple task of adding mirror effect to your photos. Once done, you can share the photo through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Once you are done setting the mirror effect, and have captured the photo, you can adjust and stylize it further in the next screen.

Mirrorgram: Add Cool Mirror Effect To Your Photos (iOS)

To start, simply browse photos or use the camera to add your image to the app. Order your creations through the app, and get them shipped to you anywhere in the world. Scroll down for the next article. Download Mirrorgram For iOS.

Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. There are so many types of photo editors available in the App Store, that nothing related mirtorgram that genre should surprise most people anymore. Despite the plethora of excellent photography apps, Mirrorgram is still a worthy download for creative mobile photographers.

Mirrorgram 1.0.4 APK

You are using an outdated browser. Not only that, the developer has even added a tilt-shift effect to the mix. What is it about? It also suggests that you add the hashtag mirrorgram when you share your photo. While within the viewfinder you can mirror any half of the scene in real-time, simply by swiping across the screen.

For proper use of this site, you need to enable javascript in your browser! You can pinch to zoom in effectively crops the imagedrag mirrrorgram or the other half of the image to pan adjusts how much of the image is mirrored and change the orientation of the mirror effect once again, through the same gesture. Get daily tips in your inbox. We are honored every day we get to create awesome things with you. We believe in creating things that add beauty to the universe.

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