Pujabarshiki shuktara 2015

With extra energy in our gait, I would either tag along Babai-Ma or with Ma and her friends and their children for the fun expedition. A Saturday or Sunday, few weeks prior to Pujo, used to be selected as start to the elaborate yearly shopping ritual. If I remember correctly, one particular shop specialized in Garden Varely and Vimal sarees. Post brushing teeth, cup of tea in hand, I would snuggle close to Babai and his shawl as we tuned our radio. The other option for dresses for Pujo, was Lobell situated in Mamra market.

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Sukhtara Pujabarsikhi -1421 (2014)

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Pujabarshikis have given birth to some memorable artist talent. The most successful of these autumnal collections generate decent revenues given that competition is intensifying every year with more publications and fewer readers.

There mere thought of shopping-in-bygone-era, still makes me smile. Oh, the committee gave nicely printed receipt; everything was accounted for.

It has been 11 years that I have attended Pujo in Bengal, or specifically in the pujabarshikl where I grew up — a small town called Durgapur. Ah, the fun associated with Pujo shopping!

Download E-Book: Shuktara Pujabarshiki HQ 51 8 MB

An attractive outfit, dotted with inconsistent polka dots in the form of foamy, sparkling white clouds of various shapes and sizes floating at a leisurely pace. Mohaloya was indeed a special ocassion; it is on this auspicious day when Debipokkho starts and the mother goddess is invoked to visit the earth. That to me is the inheritance of loss. I still source all the pujabarshikis including Anadomela; after all it was the first magazine I started reading as a child and I find shuktafa habit difficult to kick.

Wednesday, 30 January Sharadiya or Pujabarshiki. Once decided, he would solemnly inform the type and quantity of material best suited which we would go hunting for, like obedient kids.

Pujabarshiki Shuktara | Biggest Bengali Book Library

Not to forget, the evening visits that followed to various friends house 2 weeks prior to Pujo. They contain an array of stories, poems and features by both established and upcoming writers.

The unfortunate part was, at school, we normally had some silly unit tests, just before the school closed for Puja vacations. Like the last ten septembers of my life, this year too, I have a kashful studded screensaver on my laptop five years back it was a desktop.

It made me feel as if I was finally allowed to be little part of the grown up circle that Ma- Baba belonged to. So, basically this is a Pujo where all are invited, no restriction on caste, creed, class or religion.


I never fared well in those tests. After the contribution collecting uncles left, Shukgara would often sneak and check the amount. You had to walk carefully, buses, rickshaws, cycles everything from every direction plied on that main road. Puja Barshiki has interesting articles, novels and short stories from well-known authors.

Initially Durgapujo was celebrated only in affluent and zamindar families in Bengal. The people who made all this interesting are gone; the friends are scattered all over the world, that age is gone…. Sapna's Blog A civilization is only as great as its dreams.

On the bus home, I always had a smile. Spunkypedia - Winner of the Nobel Blog Prize. Though the theme is mythical and the mantras Vedic, this program is a landmark composition. Hopefully most of you who will read this will not identify with shutara piece because frankly there is nothing glorious about loss. Oh, the official bonus those pujabarshki used to be paid latest by Mohaloya. Alas, nothing lasts forever.

Snippets of memories, keeps peeping from the various subconscious layers of my mind, during this time of the year. Though vacations or travel is very interesting a phenomena and I loved it other times, I totally hated the times when I was dragged only twice from yrs of age, but still! A Bookworm's Musing Reading the world one book at a time! The lush green pujbaarshiki gently swayed to the tunes of the mild breeze providing a vivid contrast to the blue above and merged in the horizon.

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