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Bibble flies in front of a flower that is like a tunnel, so they go inside it. He remains loyal to the Enchantress, Laverna's sister, and the ruler of Fairytopia. Elina convinces her otherwise and they go back to Hue and Bibble. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Elina and Bibble get out of the forest and encounter a new place where all of the flowers are wilting.

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Magic of the Rainbowand two spin-offs Barbie Mariposa and Barbie: Elina jumps up to one of the highest flowers to get a view of the horizon. The Berry Big Storm The plot centers on a barbis flower fairy named Elina who must save the land of Fairytopia from an evil fairy named Laverna.

Barbie Fairytopia - Vídeo Dailymotion

As with the fairytoppia Barbie films, a line of toys, dolls, and other products were made based on and released in conjunction with the film. Out of This World The Sensations: They swim with Prince Nalu to safety and he points them to the Wildering Wood. Mermaidia and Barbie Fairytopia: Book Category Commons Portal. They get on Hue but he breathes in some of Laverna's formula and Elina orders him to land so he can rest.

They later come back to warn Dandelion and Elina to go home "where it's safe". It has been suggested that this article be merged into Barbie film series. Elina, a wingless flower fairy, and her puffball friend Bibble watch their fairy friend Dandelion fly with three pixies.

Bibble flies in front of a flower that is like a tunnel, so they go inside it. Elina and Bibble grab onto a flower and it floats after Larkspur, but they crash.

Barbie Fairytopia - Mermaids and Fairies (Greek)

Elina convinces her otherwise and they go back to Hue and Bibble. At the end of the tunnel is the City Hall of Fairytown, but it is closed.

It had the power to weaken every flying creature in Fairytopia if they breathed it in; they would become so weak they would lose the power to fly. The guardians are safe. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Toy Story 2 My Scene: The Fungus tell Laverna that wingless fairy had it. She thinks no one can stop her, as she is the only one with an antidote. When Elina goes to bed, Azura tells her that all of Fairytopia is in trouble and it is down to Laverna.

While Elina is running over to the lair, she almost gets caught by the Fungus, but Hue flies in with Dahlia to distract them. Hue and Bibble insist on coming with Elina and Dahlia and they start to go after Laverna. Bob the Builder Laverna tells Elina to put Azura's necklace around Fariytopia neck, and Elina will greekk everything she's ever wanted.

Polly Pocket - Trip With the wings Laverna gave her, Elina becomes brainwashed. Azura tells Elina that the rainbow in her eyes means she bwrbie destined for great things. Fairytopia is a American - Faiyrtopia direct-to-video computer animated Barbie film directed by Walter P.

They tell the man there that they need to see Azura but she is not fxirytopia. She doesn't know how it works, but she knew that the "union point" would be the weakness.

This film is followed by two sequels:

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