Witricity seminar report

It can be magnetic or capacitive in nature. For mid-range distances and long enough wavelengths, the spatial-decay rate of the magnetic field means that Qk is roughly proportional to the cube of the ratio of the distance between the coils, D, and the size of each coil, d, while showing little dependency on the frequency and the geometry of the coils. This explains why both omni-directional antennas and transformers fail to be efficient power transmitters at mid-range distances: The Rayleigh criterion dictates that any beam will spread microwave or laser , become weaker, and diffuse over distance.

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We designed to make use of an advantageous position respectively and started to construct a simple, safe and efficient Wireless Charging Pad. Three kilowatts of power was transmitted and watts was received.

The machine used for this purpose is known as resonance transformer. A major concern is that the long-term exposure to low levels of microwaves might be unsafe and even could cause cancer. If water is pumped from one bucket to another via a hose, then the transfer time depends on the strength of the pump.

Wireless Electricity PPT | Presentation | PDF Report

Regarding the witrixity notion of power transmission through the earth-ionosphere cavity, a consideration of the earth- ionosphere or concentric spherical shell waveguide propagation parameters as they are known today shows that wireless energy transfer by direct excitation of a Schumann cavity resonance mode is not realizable. This circuit is an electromagnetic resonant circuit that consists of an inductor Lmade by a wire coil, and a capacitor C.

It follows that, for any type of excitation mechanical, acoustic, electro magnetic, nuclear with a given frequency, a receiver will pick up the transmitted energy efficiently only when designed to resonate at the excitation frequency. For wireless transmission, this has to be a form that can travel trough air. I want the abstract and ppt of this topic witricity.

Witricith this way the cost associated with deploying towers and cables can be saved. This technology takes advantage of the fact that magnetic fields can travel through free space.

How WPT technology works 6. Nickolas Tesla explained transmission of energy without wires in early nineteenth century. In direct induction, two conductors are coupled such that changes sminar current in one conductor induces voltage in the other conductor. Instead, he dreamed of a way of transferring electrical energy wirelessly over long distances. Electrical current in the base station creates a magnetic field that wirelessly carries the witrixity to the receiver where it is converted back to electrical current.

An added benefit is the capability to step the primary voltage either up or down.

Witricity (WIRELESS ELECTRICITY) Seminar Abstract, Report

The witriciity challenges consisted of designing a driving circuit that would operate in our desired low-MHz regime and constructing coils that would resonate with a high enough value of Q. Limitations of wireless electricity are mentioned below: Types of Transferring Electricity Wirelessly. Water will be efficiently transferred between two leaking buckets if the pump is faster then the leaks from the holes.

A simple analytical electrical model of resonance power transfer system is proposed and applied to wireless power transfer for implantable devices. Wireless Electricity OR Witricity.

Witricity (WIRELESS ELECTRICITY) Seminar Abstract, Report

This is a modern and hi-tech way of transmitting electrical energy. In resonant magnetic induction, the energy is transferred between two wires which are tuned at the same frequency. Your email address will not be witrkcity.

Dividing by the hours in a year, we find that only million kW are needed witrkcity site to power our entire country. Distinct methods of transferring electricity in a wireless manner are classified below: Please send me this details The intention of the Tesla world wireless energy transmission system is to combine electrical power transmission along with broadcasting and point-to-point wireless telecommunications, and allow for the elimination of many existing high-tension power transmission lines, facilitating the interconnection of electrical generation plants on a global scale.

Inabout 11 Quads quadrillion Btu were actually used by consumers for electrical needs, which is equal to 3. Directed radiation modes like Lasers or highly-directional antennas can be efficiently used for energy transfer even for long distances but require existence of an uninterruptible line-of-sight and a complicated tracking system in the case of mobile objects and also not Eco friendly.

You should do your own research additional to this information before presenting your seminar. Generally conducting wires are used to transmit electricity over an area.

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