Yet Eternal Sunshine takes this concept even further, to suggest that the erased self ,ind not merely an edited but a markedly changed one. The clinic that provides this procedure, Lacuna Inc.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Analysis

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Identity and the understanding of the self are generally thought to be deeply informed and influenced by memory. The suggestion is eternal sunshine of the spotless mind theme essay the erasure produces an underdeveloped version of the pre-erasure, more experienced self: Even though they do not seem to realize this in one time, the two are actually former lovers eternsl have now separated after they had two years of being together.

Moreover, an employee of Dr. This theme returns again to Nietzsche, especially the theme of the Eternal Recurrence. As soon as he enters into a relationship, the individual is inclined to idealize the person he meets on a regular basis.

This idealization ensures that the individual will love to believe that his ambitions could become his own and by dint of persuasion, he eternal sunshine of the spotless mind theme essay bring to consider things as he sees them.

The moment the relationship is progressing over by our desires and the other no longer complies with the idealized image we had built in the early morning of love, we feel frustrated and sometimes we think to end the relationship to continue our quest for the perfect soul mate.

Both the main actors are able to start all over again in their relationship. Consequently, as we follow the characters through the process and aftermath of their treatments, we come to see that their experience and understanding of themselves and their past is undermined.


In the film, three of the characters, including the protagonists Joel Jim Carrey and Clementine Kate Winsletin the wake of painful relationship breakdowns, elect to undergo a cutting-edge medical procedure whereby their memories of the ex-partner are erased.

Constantly looking for personal development and improvement, the Man would like the people around him adhere to his life goals.

Film Evaluation – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

Yet the damage engendered by the erasure does not end here. In eternal sunshine of the spotless mind theme essay, the question: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is an American romantic science-fiction play of Directed by Michel Gondry and released inEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tells the story of a couple who only see the bad side of their relationship.

Thus, their love story would disappear forever from their common memory. Homepage Get Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind theme essay Expert Advice Manuals Persuasive writing prompts Dos and don’ts of academic writing Comparative papers for kids Argumentative writing ideas Getting argument thw samples Exemplification paper templates Choosing definition topics Choosing a reliable company 6-th grade persuasive writing ideas Obtaining a custom paper Completing a paper in an hour Analytical paper samples Argumentative topics for business Expository paper composing: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a high classic drama film founded on sssay and intriguing themes of romance manipulated through science.

The four little words uttered by Clementine, is meant hard, as if it breathed through his mind, want to tell Joel to return to Montauk, the place of their first appointment. When he awoke, Joel will have no memory of Clementine. The parallel between memory and sense of self is explicit here: Her website is at www.


Lucius Shepard recognises this change and likens it to a handicap: Microbe et Gasoil Esay at Melbourne says: Yet the erasure, the return to the infant-like spotless mind, comes at a price. You may also like. Written by Charlie Kaufman together with Etermal Gondry as the director, the drama film makes use of science fiction elements, psychological thrills and a non-linear narrative to highlight the functioning of memory as well as romantic love.

Film Evaluation – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This was not the case because returning to Montauk, the lovers resume their love affair despite the fact that they are aware that one day it will end. A better part of the film occurs in the mind of Joel. After hovering on the train platform on his way to work, he blindly runs to jump on a different train headed to beach town Montauk, explaining his behaviour in a monotonous voice-over: Yet the film ultimately suggests that the self is not soothed or repaired by memory erasure, but eternal sunshine of the spotless mind theme essay fundamentally different.

They do not learn, draw no lesson from their experiences and their suffering, like amnesiacs. The discovery of the treatment not only re-exposes her to the reason she erased her memories in the first place although, of course, there is no getting the memories epotless backbut it dramatically changes her outlook.