Do not include your name, “with regards” etc in the comment. Notifications for important events happening in the city can be checked out in newspaper.

Essay On The Role of Newspapers

In this age of television, newspaper is still one of essay on role of newspaper and media most important parts of the media.

News related to sports becomes very important nowadays as it fetches large amount of revenue. A newspaper is very cheap and almost every house in the country has it. Even in the time of British rule newspapers were an important source of reaching mddia common people. There are pages for sports and cinema, finance and business, etc. Newspapers continue to be one of the best informative mediums today. The public can write to the editor of the local paper about a problem within their locality and the concerned authorities will take measures to solve kedia problem.

It was believed that Newspapers will have a natural death after the influx of the visual media mediw 24X7 TV news channels and the online news portals.

Long and Short Essay on Newspaper and Its Uses in English for Children, Students and Others

Newspapers have played a significant role in moulding the thought process of the readers. Press refers to newspapers, magazines, the news section of radio and television, and the journalists who work for them. But just imagine one day without newspapers, how people will get the mfdia in the morning time. All around the world is known as the news.


Essay On The Role of Newspapers

It helps people to plan their day accordingly. One reads it with exciting curiosity every morning.

If people spend at least ten minutes reading newspapers, there will be an increase in communication skills and general knowledge. In this world of social media, printed media proves to be one of essay on role of newspaper and media most reliable sources of information. We can individually jewspaper these services as a means of communication.

It can still play an important role in influencing people for some sort of reform. You may join me on Facebook.

Reading newspaper is a habit of millions of people around the globe even today. Politicians with selfish motive deceive the poor and illiterate with false promises.

It also plays an informative role at the time of natural calamities. Your email address will not be published. In a democracy there should be an efficient and fearless press.


It was first published in Gujarat in Leave meeia comment Click here to cancel reply. Cultivating a habit reading a newspaper can be beneficial in many ways.

Job seekers get much benefited thought this.

There are others who are interested in the articles and the letters to the editor. News related to sport has become very important nowadays. So, it makes clear that how a newspaper is very important in our essat essay on role of newspaper and media.

A newspaper is a form of printed media. In such situations, one looks up to a reliable source and newspapers have never failed to prove their worth.