Joint family vs Nuclear family

I stay in a joint family and really enjoy it Date: In the join family “there are so many people” like uncle, aunti, cousin and most important “grand father Date: There is no place like home, between family, at the time of Holi and Diwali. In joint family their is lot of love and affection for each and every member fajily the family, while in nuclear family love and affection is not as much which is their in joint family because everyone is busy in their own life and no one has time for each other.

They spend their childhood without the much needed love and company of their parents. MBA College ranking year I THINK joint family essay on joint family vs nuclear family best than nucler family coz joint family gud support nd gud idia get by family essay on joint family vs nuclear family so i like joint family: Due to this, both the systems are required in the society.

The concept became quite popular in the United States as the area of the States started vss and a need to extend the civilization was felt.

Comparative Essay on Joint Family Vs. Nuclear Family System

The joint family has a number of advantages. Essay on Myself — by Jamie Smith. In case of a joint family, the primary emotion is a general affectionate bond between two generations and within the members of the generations.


Indian society has for ages witnessed successful joint families.

When this kind of attitude prevails, the atmosphere is not conducive to peace and harmony. Due to high cost of living in the cities, both the parents pursue a career of their own.

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The foundation of joint family is based on cooperation and unselfishness and tolerance. Now as days joint families are decreasing because the selfishness of the sons of parents. Man being a social animal, needs appropriate society around him.

Challenges of Raising Children in Nuclear Families. The family head takes care of the entire family.

juclear Joint family vs Nuclear family Points below added by Studyfreak team In Favor of Nuclear Family Nuclear family make members of family more responsible.

Nuclear families have less quarrels and personal vendetta so less problems. Newspapers also report about gruesome acts committed in some families.

Hard work is rarely rewarded and laziness seldom punished.


Joint Family is Better Than a Nuclear Family

Existence in the Modern Era. Manish kumar chaturvedi Point: This concept is principally based upon the emotion of parental love and sibling bonding and hence the structural functionalism mechanism of relationships is quite simple, yet the psychology involved becomes quite complex.

Joint family is good.

Because we feel happy with joint family. The nuclear family consists of a man, his wife and their children. Advantages of the Traditional Nuclear Family.

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All these factors curb the development of the family as a close knit unit, The media should try to restore the lost image of the old and the young. Especialy in festival times. Joint setup can be fun too!