Your email address will not be published. Testing your updated driver After updating the alsa driver, you need to reboot or, alternatively you exit all audio applications including any mixer application and unload the old kernel modules. If it is setup correctly, you may want to try fix MP3, or speex when doing the recording. Here is the schematic from the laptop, to see how this transistors are connected to the sound card chip ALC Make sure that i-mic internal mic is selected as the input source. Skype and any other application which only uses Left channel of Front Mic.

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ALSA configuration This can improve performance for your sound system when playing multiple sounds, recording to multiple programs, playing games, or watching videos on your EeePC.

From the Schematic you can see that the type of the eee pc 900 sound is H2N The end result is that the Left channel is very quiet, and the Right channel has the expected loudness. Your email address will not be published.

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At the time of writing, alsa-driver Learn how your comment data is processed. Arrow over to the capture setting and toggle it on using the space bar. At least, using Audacity to capture sound clips using the stereo Front Mic. This is a clean install of XP plus SP 1, 2 and 3. The m button will toggle mute for the devices that support it eee pc 900 sound space bar will toggle capture status for settings that support that be sure eee pc 900 sound enable this, or the microphone will not work.

Siund us know if it worked. Workaround On my EeePC [? Problem with no sound on eee PC running linux-image Went to the ASUS website and downloaded the current drivers.

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On the picture there are two transistors assigned with red circles. The only thing I have not seen the computer do yet is do the updates past Sounx 3.

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Workaround KMix and other mixers for your desktop. Press up and down arrow to select input device. This fixed several missing devices such as eee pc 900 sound LAN and Video, but the current Realtek drivers for audio do nothing towards getting his audio working.

Restore Sound – Windows Audio Service on this site: These are actually the switches that switch between the internal speakers and microphone or the external speakers and microphone. The microphone was OK, so we replace only the upper transistor and we fix the problem.

Cant eee pc 900 sound figure this one out Note that if you loaded the modules by hand you need not to do it again after eee pc 900 sound new reboot. That file also recommends using ‘make install-modules’ rather than pd install’, assuming that the Debian alsa-utils and alsa-base packages are already installed.

The sound volume control board shows no device installed. A good manual about how to update: To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

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For more details on what this file is and what to do with it see http: Originally Posted by Train. We have problem with the sound only. Took a lot of peeking and poking but the sound is now there. SMILE and post back.