Manifest makaa maka

It comes from being someone who is college educated yet decided to become a musician and is still trying to make it work. The influence and exposure to the music scene in Twin Cities led to the production of his first album, aptly titled Manifestations — an album which garnered great international attention and Song Writing Of The Year Honors. I never leave it completely up to the director.

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These are some of the things that we will be able to portray in my upcoming videos. Not because they looked good on paper, but because they have been organic, had mutual respect and a synergy that resulted in something interesting. He has definitely gained more understanding and insight as to what I do with hip-hop. My bead designer will call when he has beads for me or when he finds a piece from Niger, for example, that he knows that I will love.

You come from very historical roots that are deeply tied into academics, politics to an extent, and especially music. Those videos were very simplistic and clean, yet artistically shot which enables viewers to focus on the content rather than be distracted by other aesthetics. Regardless, I still believe that an average original is far better than a really good imitation. We have to be excellent and original in all that we do. I have experienced both worlds by being organic and very authentic as a musician, and that experience allows me to flow very naturally in both spaces.

I am a physical and mental traveler.

Lyrics: buylevitra.xyzt - B.E.A.R

I want to also discuss your very cultural sense of style - African shirts, hoodies, high-tops etc. Manifesy was very impressed with the depth of the Twi he wrote for example, and the overall content of his lyrics.

Music, politics, social awareness and philanthropy are all elements from the dynamic composition of his DNA.

How did your Brand Ambassadorship with Woodin come about?

Do you have a particular goal when you plan your videos or do you generally leave it up to the director? For example, I am driving right now and something such as right of way is non-existent in Ghana.

How have your roots shaped the form of your music as an artist? It also requires relationships — maia keep me relevant, healthy and creative.


We are getting to the place this year where we can actually shoot the kind of videos that we want to make. That is important to me as an artist. In his older years, he has spent more time listening to the music that the young musicians are making and he finds it fascinating.

Twin Cities cultivated me as an artist and enabled me to become a professional. Did his appreciation for hip-hop change after that experience?

I can find inspiration in the most mundane things, but it has to tickle my fancy and provoke me in order for me to mzka inspired. I have cultivated a taste for beads and know exactly what I like and what works best.

New Music: M.anifest says ‘Makaa Maka’ – No apology

We have been able to come up with some wicked and awesome ideas by experimenting. They may not be trendy or popular, but their focus on quality led to their eventual success.

It should never be just about you, we need to think communally. Apart from the fact that I am going to become the Pope hearty laugh — I would say my creative juices are on steroids. My focus will always be based on excellence and originality. A lot of explosive collaborations have been born from these conferences. I was really proud that I my video got on an international platform that portrayed me as I am rather than an alternate representation.

In the future, I am very sure the sponsors will come, but we had to start somewhere.

Where do you draw inspiration to become the mala of MC that you are? If you force it, it just never comes off right.

Coming to America which attracted international acclaim followed by several awards and nominations that continue to follow him to date.

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