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M oore circuit Me aly circuit a. Due to this in the positive half of the clock pulse if J and K are both high then output toggles continuously. Th e memory capacity of a static RAM varies from 64 bit to 1 mega bit. What is meant by self-complementing code?

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Decoders are used in counter system. Clock pulse is applied to the first f lip-flop, the change of output is given as clock to next flip-flop. If they are not equal then it is found that the received data has error. Uqestion the given expression. What is SM chart?


What is a characteristic table? How to represent a positive and negative sign in computers? Why complementing a number representation is needed? Th e asynchronous sequential circuits have three problems namely, a. This is not a self-complementing code.

What is the function of the enable input in a Multiplexer? In a shift register, if the data is moved 1 bit at a time in a serial fashion, then the technique is called serial shifting.

Demultiplexer is used in computers when a same message has to be sent to different receivers. What is sequential circuit? Code is used to represent letters, numbers and punctuation marks. What is the truth table? No visual identification of reduction process. Th e features of VHDL are a. Th e primitive flow table has only one stable state in each row. Because of the return to after a count ofa BCD counter does not have a regular pattern as in a straight binary counter.

Differentiate ASM chart and conventional flow chart? Th e state — reduction procedure for co m pletely specified st a te tables is base d on t h e algorithm that two stat e s in a state table can be combined in to one if they can be shown to be equi va le n t. What are the problems involved in asynchronous circuits? It requires several symbols to represent even small numbers. Hazards in the combinational circuits can be removed by covering any two min terms that may produce a hazard with a product term common to both.

Define state of sequential circuit? What is clocked sequential circuits? Mention the uses of Demultiplexer. Th e final stable state that the circuit reaches does not depend on the order in which the state variables change, the race is called non-critical race. It is a fast method for simplifying expression up to four variables. The bankk of the banl encoder is such that if two or more inputs are equal to 1 at the same time, the input having the highest priority will take precedence.

A comparator is a special combinational circuit designed primarily to compare the relative magnitude of two binary numbers. Th e reverse process for implementing a Boolean expression is called as analyzing a combinational circuit.

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A counter that increments the output by one binary number each time a clock pulse is applied. A conventional Flow chart describes the sequence of procedural steps and decision paths for an algorithm without concern for their time relationship.

Give state — reduction procedure.

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