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For example the VisionColor stuff is terrible on Panasonic cameras if used on their own but really nice on Nikons. Wow I am now super curious about this film stock!! Their webpage has an incredible manifesto about why using a LUT is good - is cool - is acceptable - and I couldn't agree more:. I purchased Film Convert and Impulz Ultimate, and while both are useful tools, I don't use them very often.

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And I've found the opposite true for FilmConvert. Then use Colorista to tweak each shot underneath.

It's not creative to just use them as is and take away the personal touch. That was intentional but obviously no one ever got that.

Exclusive Interview: The Creators of Some of The Most Popular LUT Packs Ever

On visioncolkr visual end of the spectrum, we really wanted natural, organic looks but were stuck with using sliders and curves which only ever control tiny data fragments in vast interpolated datasets — which, just like on the audible end, do not suffice when attempting to emulate anything that has an organic, non-linear source, like analog film for example.

I've been using these for a while as well, and love them. Scan film on really fancy scanner. For example the VisionColor stuff is terrible on Panasonic cameras if used on their own but really nice on Nikons.

Exclusive Interview: The Creators of Some of The Most Popular LUT Packs Ever

Has anybody ever tried Crumplepop Finisher? This goes right back to the analogy of virtual instruments I brought up earlier.

I'm telling you that plugin when used correctly is absolute magic. HDTV image looks much better in real life!:. And on custom luts - I have gisioncolor little luck - I feel like it's a matter of pride to say you create one's own - and but I just hit walls with my own stuff - but it's me - I'm not trained as a colorist at all - I'm just learning as I go along.

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I'm fine with them being used as a base, but I dislike them being used as a "instant grade" that I can spot on peoples work. Sign in Already have an account?

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Develop and treat film. If you are the guy from the M31 meme: Hover your mouse over the blue highlighted box with the name of the lut you just clicked and use your mouse scroll wheel to quickly cycle through your luts to get ideas or what might make a good starting point etc On a more serious note, I think that where VisionColor LUTs have been used to produce the most stunning results, the LUTs themselves really only played a minor role in an overall achievement of beautiful direction, cinematography, and tasteful color grading.

Blackmagic is doing so amazing. Which version do you guys use the most? The generic LOG and normalization profiles are created by averaging the 2D gamma and saturation distribution of the most commonly requested cameras.

I guess that creates a sub category.

Something magical about blues, skintones lurs and film. And as artists we need that real time feedback loop more than anything. Our leading paradigm was this: Are you a filmmaker yourself? The beauty of LUTs is that they are platform independent, not confined to a single application and can encapsulate countless operations from multiple engines, tools, color models and methods, including the sampling of colors from other media such as film that I mentioned earlier. The concept is simple.

I was really flattered! Listen to Juan Melara instead. It's fine for narrative stuff but does every travel video need them really?

I use them in combination with the film grain in the Film Convert plugin. So now it's been about 2 years since I started messing with Resolve and time after time, I find that Visioncolor Impulz luts are the best tools to get any footage - from DSLR to Alexa to look like film and in my eyes to look the best.

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