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You can view any of four "worksheets" of data onscreen, and change what's in each to your heart's content. It can search a set of charts for factors such as a planet, house lord, or planet's dispositor in a specific sign, Nakshatra, house, or dignity e. This tool generates nicely formatted reports based on different criteria. Imagine your computer screen divided into four sections, two across and two down. You can now have up to different worksheets, each with its own format with 10 formats offered, starting at 2 cells by 2, and going up to 5 by 5.

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Since I have reviewed the latest version of Solar Fire in lught most recent review, I will focus on the latest versions of the other three programs in this article and the next. Before going further, I'd like to mention a couple of tips that will make creating and customizing tables easier and more efficient. Even with a slim manual and without online help, Parashara's Light is easily learnable and very friendly.

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Secondly, you can right-click on any cell, and pop up a screen that offers additional options including copying the cell's contents -- with or without its title -- to the clipboard for pasting into other applications, changing the chart style, to showing -- for individual charts -- the house cusps, dagdha rasis, significations, bhava bala, and more.

One of my favorite features is that you can view all of the charts throughout the program in the round wheels chart format that Western astrologers are used to, instead of square wheels. These tools can definitely facilitate birth time correction. Its accuracy, flexibility, classical texts, wide range of functions, speed, and ease of use should satisfy everyone interested in or practicing Jyotish.

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Software From GeoVision Software Inc.

An additional category, "Bhavas" has also been added to Statistics on group of charts. Major features in Parashara's Light. Many of the program's other functions have been significantly enhanced too in this version, including Varshaphal and the animated transits screen.

Each worksheet can display 4, 6, 9, or 12 sections of information, depending upon the size of your computer screen, and how much information you want softwae see at once.

You can view pages as a full page, actual size, or enlarged, create charts and tables of virtually any size, and position them quite precisely. The latter two tools are important and powerful additions to any worksheet. It features a wealth of calculations, charts, tables, tutorials, and interpretive reports. In the Event List, you can enter twenty different event dates and parasyara the dasas and subperiods for all three dasa systems.

I am charmed by many of the unique features offered by the program, such as the Lordships tables which shows Parivartana yogasthe graphs of Aspects on both parasbara house and the lord of the house, the monthly Transit Calendar, and the Kakshas screen.

Colored points enable you to quickly scan any listing, chart, or graphic to find the planet you're looking for.

In sum, this is a truly valuable update and well worth having by every Vedic astrologer.

You can select the color for each point from among millions, with different colors for viewing and for printing. You are supporting my website, allowing softare to continue posting astrology tutorials, software reviews, and much more.

Parashara’s Light Professional 7.0.1 Vedic Astrology Free Download

You can choose any divisional chart including Parashara, Tajika and Nadi VargasAshtakavarga, alternate lagna charts, a planetary data listing for any chart, Gochara, Varshaphal, progressions, Prashna information, a variety of tables, notes you've attached to a person's chart, and more.

Forgiving Atlas Lookup The Atlas lookup process is highly sophisticated. Key benefits of Parashara's Light.

Inbuilt accounting features Parashara's Light comes with some integrated accounting features. The Time Change tool allows you to shift the birth time for all of the charts, tables, graphs, listings, etc. Finally, you can also add to the calendar the day and time when any of 23 dasa systems lord changes, down to 5 levels.

Sending us your insights and feedback on astrology software, Alerting us to new parashra and astrological resources, Linking your website to ours, and by purchasing your astrological software through this site. It shows when all of the periods and subperiods start litht end, and you can lifht switch to a new mahadasha or subperiod, and see delineations for that. Each panel can contain a chart, a table, or a graph. Easily keep track of who, when, and what you printed reports for.

PL6 also adds several very useful "timelines". The information provided for a planet, for example, includes the nature of the planet for the chart's Ascendant and Moon, factors affecting its strength, its house placement, conjunctions with other house lords, and the houses it influences most.

Parashara's Light

On closer inspection, however, one discovers that the program has a truly outstanding degree of customizability and a very wide range of features. Online activation of Parashara's Light To save you the hassle and getting a password from your distributor, Parashara's Light is activated over teh internet. You can now have up to different worksheets, each with its own format with 10 formats offered, starting at 2 cells by 2, and going up to 5 by 5.

Base examples on any chart of your choice. Light is absorbed into black holes.

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