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If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: You can download whatsapp in the site of micrmoax downloads then install it after the download is done you can click the link in the source I understand that you are asking on how to go recovery mode on your Micromax A

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The power button on your Micromax Bling q55 is located on the right top-most part of the keyboard layout. This answer closely relates to:. Share your location, exchange contacts, set custom wallpapers and notification sounds, email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once, and more!

Micromax Q55 Bling New Features.

whatsapp messenger Micromax Q55 Bling apps free download : Dertz

Micromax Q55 Bling Camera. Leader Board What's this? This is NOT abusive. How to open net connection option in micromax x Micromax Q55 Bling Optimization. Can i download whatsapp on my micromax q5 mobile phone? This is NOT abusive. Micromax X preview by arun. Micromax Q55 Bling Bluetooth.

This answer closely relates to:. Call your friends and family for free with WhatsApp Calling, even if they're in another country.

Micromax Q55 Bling Hard Reset. Add Your Answer How to install facebook and whatsapp in micromax q55 bling? It contains or requests illegal information. Micromax Q55 Bling Screenshot.

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Micromax Q55 Bling Review. Micromax Q55 Bling Calendar. Camera takes 2 Megapixel photos which is ok in this price range.

Micromax Q55 Bling Email. Multimedia Phone has basic multimedia features like audio playbackvideo playbacksound recorder and FM radio. Please help us improve our content by removing questions that are essentially the same and merging them into this question. I think you can if it is smartphone.

I really dont know the answer, but you might need to remove and reinsert it and check if it has the same issues or you might need to hard reset your phone. Please check and try again. Micromax q55 bling restarting itself after sim is inserted.

Micromax Bling Review

Micromax Q55 Bling Factory Reset. Chat with your friends around the world and avoid international SMS charges. Unfortunately the application you are requesting is not compatible and supported by your phone. Micromax Q55 Bling Android Lollipop.

Just go to play store and download it if it shows error then format the fone and try again. No issues with the connectivity but it takes little longer to connect as compared to other phones mircomax interesting thing was gprs connection dint break after continous use of 2 hrs.

Micromax Q55 Bling Tips and Tricks. Also, you can't access and other emergency service numbers through WhatsApp.

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