I had to set it in military time even though the clock itself was displaying 12 hr. Aha, I found the problem. Click to load comments.

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You'll always have Otacon around with this. You can find it now on the official website from Kojima.

As the full blog entry explains of the Windows-compatible clock application: Please use the MGSV cardboard box flair otacolck the major reveals in that title. Reformatted my computer and didn't back him up. Jun 25, 2. Low-effort or repetitive content may be removed Please mark your spoilers! Want to add to the discussion?

IamBigBossJun 27, Feb 29th, Freeware. Things to check before you post: Jun 25, 1.

We are Diamond Dogs:

I'd like him back. AntzGGJun 27, Please also use context cues to help decide if you should tag a detail in your comments.

I just googled "Otaclock" like crazy and have found nothing, not even a release date. Jul 25, Messages: Search titles only Posted by Member: Read the full changelog. But you need to have Konfabulator running on your computer in order to work. Jun 25, 6.

The original download http: Every Friday at 3PM! Jun 25, 4.

Kevin October 6, 3: Look forward to it! How do you set the alarm???

Seems like its completely broke atm i did find this on the google play store. New in OtaClock 1. Ok, otacon otaclick on my screen, now what?

WineHQ - OtaClock

The current time was about Bussa Bus December 28, 7: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I've set the time, got it on alarm mode, and nothing happens.

SoxFanGamerJun 27, Dec 23, Messages: Jun 28,

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