I had no idea punk Muslim culture existed! Books that define a generation are notoriously difficult to film. I could go on, but the most important similarity is that like punk as mentioned above, Islam is an open symbol representing not things but ideas.

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The Taqwacores () - IMDb

The voice goes back and forth from English to Arabic terminology in rendition of the characters' adventures, but the book lacks a glossary. But if you go through the book, I think it's worth your time. Na, these kids were totally focused very much on themselves, which is why they taqwacoress cause any real changes - within Islam or without.

He obtained a master's degree from Harvard University in and is a Ph. Michael Muhammad Knight's "The Taqwacores" invents a world at the intersection of Islam and youthful America, of religious observance and college with all its energy and wonder and lustof prayer and, hardest of all to believe, a Muslim punk movement.

They are largely Taqwackres, with one token, wild Iranian Shia.

The idea of it, the people it created, was at first incredibly provocative to me. Vreemde parallellen tussen de islam en the straight edge beweging. The fringes of tw Congratulations. Now, maybe that's because I don't like punk music. And if there is room in punk rock for this cast and crew then anyone can find a home. It does not prevail throughout, but when it does aris I was told that this book is remarkable not for its writing, but what it stands for.

The film imagines a fictitious Islamic punk rock scene through characters living in a punk house in Buffalo, New York. Exasperation over another published writer who needs to show more, tell less. If not, they will just waste away in irrelevance.

Aug 12, Full Review…. Basically there's this punk house, like any punk house anywhere—walls coated w This is a really fascinating story of a super-small social niche—Muslim punks—who it never even occurred to me to think existed.

The Taqwacores – review

In its Italian translation, the novel is retitled Islampunk. If you're a Muslim and you want to read taqdacores book, you'll need two things. Anyway, here is my favorite passage from the book. The house is a place for Muslims to live together away from the dorms, although not free from the temptations that dorms represent. Oh, and by night, the characters get drunk and dream of creating an Islam that embraces the devout, but also the self-destructive, the profane, and the punk-rawk, man.

Share this Rating Title: A sophomore majoring in engineering, Yusef Bobby Naderi seeks living quarters with fellow Muslims after a year in the godless dorms.

The Taqwacores

Use the HTML taqwqcores. Yes No Report this. The storytelling is so muddled and the filmmaking so unpolished - and not in a good way - that mostly this movie is just unpleasant.

The locus is a house in the college section of Buffalo, where a collection of young people, not all of them necessarily students, gather to live, pray and party.

The Taqwacores by Michael Muhammad Knight

One longs for grace. The idea of submission to Allah somehow gets lost in the submission part.

It is thought-provoking too. Holy shit, Muslim punk house! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. No trivia or quizzes yet. Feb 18, Richard rated it liked it.

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