Should your resume and cover letter font style and size match?

Well, it always gives a polished look to your documents, if they are in the same font style and size. Follow this Special Tips for this Navratri ! Stand out by choosing something other than Times New Roman.

Leave another space line before the salutation. Re-read your sentences and ensure you have not cv cover letter font size something strange, or a sentence cv cover letter font size cannot be understood by a normal business person. Making the Reader Squint You know that a cover letter should never be more than two pages long, but you have so much to say that you reduce the font down to such a small size cv cover letter font size make your letter fit. Should your resume and cover letter font style and size match?

You do not want a prospective employer deciding not to interview you, simply because your letter was too lether to read leyter to bad formatting. Avoiding these ten common mistakes will help you to write a better cover letter. How to Manage Anger with Appropriate Assertiveness. Furthermore, you must ensure a consistent layout for both, cover letter and CV.

Take the Self Improvement Tour. Keep lstter to a minimum and use a simple bold to accentuate the sub-headings, rather than italics or any other fancy font. This will save you the trouble of making adjustments to the layout later. Avoid using desktop publishing programs such cv cover letter font size Microsoft Publisher and adding clip art, effects, or fancy fonts.


Justifying text right means that big gaps appear in the cover letter and this makes the letter harder to read. Borrow a computer if you have to but always type or word process your cover letter. Choose a font size of 10 to 12 points and avoid fancy fonts. Below, we describe the top fonts and font sizes for your cover letter.

Leave a space line after the address and then insert the date, spelling out the month in full. Proofread and double check what you are sending, before you sign the bottom of the page. If you work in the creative industry, for example, adding some style can help highlight your design skills.

However, even if the font style and size is different in both the documents, it can always come out good. Consider showing your cover letter to a friend or family member to identify any font sizing problems. A Resume cover letter on the other hand introduces you to a prospective employer. Paper format Cv cover letter font size the US and in Canada, the standard cover letter is written on the letter format.

Font and size An appropriate font size facilitates reading for the recipient. If you have a lot of room to spare, choose a size 12 font.


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However, there are special cases when playing with font and font sizes can boost the visual appeal of fonf cover letter. A cover letter should not be one lengthy paragraph with a salutation at the top and a signature at the bottom.

The CV and the cover letter should not differ in terms of layout. It should be taken care that font fontt and sizes that are readable is used.

How to Choose Cover Letter Font and Font Size

In most cases, using a simple, professional font is ideal. Include a handwritten signature at the bottom of the cover letter.

Instead of reducing the font, write your letter using concise language and use fewer words. You need to add interest to the letter by writing in a way that avoids repetition, and starting every sentence cv cover letter font size paragraph the same way. Any mistakes on your cover letter could cost you the job.