Watch the streaming online at www. How society might benefit from its principles? How can morality be instilled as part of the education process for our youth? From pondering and reflecting, I have learned to become creative, imaginative.

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People may have an advanced education, successful career, and acquire enormous wealth, but if they lead an immoral life, none of this is meaningful, and the end result may be catastrophic. The essay may discuss, among other issues: I can proudly state cuny ethics and morality essay contest this one virtue can serve modality a trajectory towards a successful, bright future for me.

From practicing this virtue, I attained dexterity, broad-mindedness and interest. From the Confucian point of view, familial relations parents and children, husband and wife, and elder and younger are more important than the ruler-minister or friend-friend relation. Dear Friend, Gobble gobble!

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I have learned to fray from the mundane way of substituting memorization as comprehension. The annual award, which is funded through an endowment gift to the University by Dr. A recent case in point is the one of Bernie Madoff, whose legendary status as a financial advisor to the rich and famous, and billion-dollar enterprise, came crashing down, exposing not only his financial fraud, but the fact that only the total absence of morals could allow this to transpire in the first place.

The religion and philosophy of Confucianism has had a deep impact on the Asian way of life from ancient times right cuny ethics and morality essay contest into our present age.


What is the use of filling up a vessel with information, when the vessel itself cuny ethics and morality essay contest be broken or cracked? As penance, he will be in jail for the rest of his life, and one of his sons, sadly, took his own life, rather than bear this shame. What are the obstacles to having a moral life, and how may they be overcome? All essay submissions are due Monday, February 7, Why is morality essential to leading a fulfilled and happy life? S ubmission guidelines available online at funy.

The practice of filial piety within Confucianism still influences a vast amount of people today.

Filial piety xiao shun is the primary duty to one’s parents – a fundamental virtue for the Chinese way of life. Examples of its applications. She took the top prize for her thoughtful essay on the importance of contemplation and reflection in cultivating an articulate and engaged cuny ethics and morality essay contest.

Half of all American marriages end in divorce, and so half of our youths grow up in broken homes, with much of the remainder suffering from either under- or over-parenting.

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York Chynn and his wife Noelle Chynn, aims to promote and stimulate thinking by college students on the topics of ethics, morality, and virtuous behavior in their cuny ethics and morality essay contest. It takes tenacity and a hard mental drive to successfully achieve a nirvana and have an utterly different way of how one perceives life. Four more Lehman students received honorable mentions. In the essay, she writes: Students were asked to consider which characteristics or virtues distinguish the moral man from the immoral man.


If or should filial piety and Confucianism have a role in American society?

As Confucius claims, “filial piety and brotherly love are the roots cuny ethics and morality essay contest humanity” It is filial piety, above all other concerns, that inhabits the dominant place in Confucian belief.

Some would say that it is the role of parents, rather than that of our public schools, to instill moral values in our children. Moralkty could be safely claimed that filial piety is the essential force flowing through the entire structure of Confucianism.

Yet, how much better would it have been for his family, friends, and the world at large, if he had committed himself to moral principles, to avoid this wrongful path altogether?