Bate sasho kralete na drifta

Check Also PilAto Feat. The talented rapper teams up with Chef who equally puts in an impressive effort. Like us on Facebook for more Free Downloads: You should have an annotation linking back to this video. Please, do not issue a copyright infringement claim toward us.

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Check it out, leave some feedback for the sick Drum n' Bass remix! Drifta - Half Moon Cay. I know you do too!

Drifta - Lets Talk. Amazing Deep House remix by Guardate.

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Like us on Facebook for more Free Downloads: Featuring the undiscovered stars of the future, 'New Blood ' brings together a collection of sounds from the underground and presents them as a track compilation album that will impress karlete music specialists from across the board.

We love his unique style. Big Nyash - Feligo Ft. A Jazzy Boy production. Soul Trader are gearing up to drop the debut album from Hannah Eve and we're hyped to have the exclusive premiere of Ed: Long time fan of Drifta, Here is his latest release: Drifta - Mahi Ve.

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Dean Case - Sway. Copy and paste ALL of the following links into your video description: Soulful track by Drifta and Static. Chef - Ma Dance Yanasaloko. This artist gives full permission for this track to be used in YOUR Youtube videos, all you need to do is give credit!

A masterpiece of a track is this one from Drifta. Please, do not issue a copyright infringement claim toward us.

Drifta Trek - Dance. Absolutely brilliant stuff by Drifta! Distributed for free use by Activity Music: Drifta - Wont Let You Down ft.

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Wallpaper jralete comes soon! Just send us an e-mail to: New layout coming soon! Spookasonic - Stinkbomb ft. The same gunmen that cry 'bout suppression Of the white man and his racist oppression Go to a church and give God his confession Drifga in his pocket and crack in his possession Damn hypocrite don't be disillusioned Yeah life is tough but that's not a solution You g'wan like nna brave, that's an illusion Brave man wouldn't kill his own, he'd start a revolution Gunmen and too much drug, man What are we showing the youts, dem We should be protecting Instead we're destroying Oh father Watch over them.

DusbtepAce does not take credit for any of the music uploaded on this channel. Aswell with this song! Insta - keepitjelle Twitter - keepitjelle Facebook - keepitjelle.

An Empire Creatives film. Love the vocals and that sax at 1: Link to the picture! Flipping the rolling liquid vibes of the original round into a techstep banger, this one is trademark Ed: What happens when life breaks down When there is systemic contradiction And these inviolable sanctities were preserved in those ten words And it is the de-sacralization of all of these that has put us in the mess that we find ourselves Isn't it true, alas it is much worse A person may end up believing in anything You know, if that human acceptance does so much for saasho and me Think of what it is when God himself puts his arms around you and says Welcome home What love is this?

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