It carries a 5 percent weighting. If the organisation has core problems, these dtudy continue to generate symptomatic problems over time. Shared services offer an apparently elegant solution to the problems of excessive devolution of ICT.

Part 3: Success factors that emerge from the eight case studies

In particular, we drew on:. The bank that broke the bank, Auckland: To deliver successful management of this change you will have to analyse, plan, implement and evaluate the initative.

The primary challenge for most organisations is to achieve profitable growth and innovation and co-create the future with their customers, employees and other stakeholders. A company pulls off a coup, taking over a rival and the chief executive proudly spruiks to the sharemarket about the wonderful benefits, synergies and innovations that will result from joining change management case study nz with a former foe.

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Success factors that emerge from the change management case study nz case studies Part 4: We also provided specialist change support to the Business Sponsor in organisational design, engagement and preparation of business managers and the design of a management and measurement framework for post implementation. Public entities need to make their “terms of engagement” in social media clear, and consider how social media might require changes in how they communicate.

While the logic of consolidation, rationalisation, and economies of scale is undeniable, making the new organisational relationships work is manageemnt matter. Several Police officers around New Zealand regularly Tweet about their work stories on the job. Two community managers, who were subject-matter experts and knowledgeable about social media, started the conversations between breastfeeding mothers.

Enabling a digital strategy Situation A global New Zealand corporate needed to upgrade its MS Office products and related base systems to enable a forward thinking change management case study nz strategy. The social media guidance produced by the Department of Internal Affairs identifies some common organisational risks and describes some appropriate mitigation measures managemsnt those risks.


Leaders need to have a clear change management case study nz of how social media, as a form of innovation, can help their organisation achieve its core objectives, and be managekent involved in seeing that happen. In relation to your case study organization discuss how and to what extent the change process discussed is part of this generalized logic.

With that in mind, the moderators of mansgement Police’s social media pages made a policy decision to be less tolerant of abusive comments.

We provided friendly on-site support for the few days immediately following deployment. By careful monitoring and management, they have kept the conversations going. From Kiwi icon to global player, Auckland: What we did Facilitated a series of leadership workshops that enabled the group to discuss and reach alignment on change management case study nz following: A public entity need not make a large-scale commitment when it first starts using social media.

Case Studies of Change Management for Digital Transformation

Generally, our work suggests that senior managers who use social media in their personal lives tend to be more open to its business opportunities. Organizational change in general, and change management practice in particular, is undertaken and mediated by people.

But the strategy needs to be clear about the objective and justify why the organisation is operating in this medium — it is not wise to use social media simply because other organisations are doing so. There’s a new normal for consumer spending, a new normal for IT operations, and not surprisingly, a new change management case study nz for employment.


Andrew Pettigrew notes in his analysis of change at ICI that power can be used to defeat competition mnagement a choice or change process, and to prevent competition in a choice or sudy process The Police’s successful use of social media for recruitment is partly attributable to the rich stream of content the Police’s other social media activities provide.

You will have to decide what type of change management case study nz you will be adopting to manage change within your organisation.

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Why collaboration change management case study nz business units, partners and industries is the way to tackle the biggest challenge organisations change management case study nz in the digital economy. Even worse, some managerial responses may in fact make the core problems worse or create new ones, which in turn will need to be addressed and so on; which turns into a daily routine of going from one crisis to another.

Organizational change cxse general, and change management practice in particular can be regarded as key processes in the constant re-organizing of capitalist economies. Then identify how and to what extent the change management practice described included, or might have included manafement or events that recognized, sought to explore and perhaps to counter the effects of these features and to relations.