The jokerr the real one

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The Real One Lyrics

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The Real One Lyrics The Jokerr ※ Mojim Lyrics

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Wait, nevermind, yo, yo, let's get 'em Tha Joker, ugh… [Verse 1] My name is Joker, rap name poacher I eat so much shit, I got dukey in my toaster I need to run and hide beneath the ground like a gopher Either that or change my name or my career might be over I sound like I'm 10 and I'm not much older I don't know if I could rap any slower sponsored links My punchlines are just cute little plays on words And adaptations of corny internet jokes that I use to make dumb fucking 12 year olds Think that I'm a dope rapper Now allow me to put an end to this shit once and for all, listen… [Verse 2] Let me show you how the real Jokerr gets down Having trouble hearing me?

The Jokerr: The Real One (Tha Joker Diss) : Music

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