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The sounds also contribute to the overall appeal with tiny bits of voice acting and music that fits the scene. The scenes and characters are taken straight from the movie, including the Genie, Aladdin, Jafar, Rajah, Jasmine, and the Magic Carpet! Seem like a fair fight? The graphics and sounds are really fantastic, and the animations are very exceptional.

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This game is cool though. The Treasure Chests contain hearts, food to replenish your hearts, and gold Scarabs which whisk you to a bonus round at the end of the stage.

Lamp of Aladdin - Online

A second magic rope will appear to take you higher into the rooftops. Others were conceived strictly for the game.

In the Desert, stand behind the column on the right to get sucked up to a hidden Merchant. Because Jaffar couldn't enter, he searched for the man who could - Aladdin. This game is a masterpiece! The French Bread in the cavern is instant death, Cruise through the Cave of Wonders in the upper area, because the lava jets spray out of the bottom.

Aladdin Games - Play Free Adventure Game Online

The sounds also contribute to the overall appeal with tiny bits of voice acting and music that fits the scene. Did you wish for Aladdin on Game Gear"?

The game play for each level varies, and it's very different from the Genesis version. To replenish these, you must do a bit of searching, as these power ups can be hidden in barrels or vases simply left in plain sight.

Don't miss this time or it'll fly the coop again! In The Desert level, thoroughly search inside all the rocks for bonus items. Each level, though, is lengthy and filled with unusual twists and turns in the action to challenge intermediate and beginning gamers, and to keep experts entertained.

It is said a big team of developers worked for three months to code the game, which today would be lot for a game of this kind. Aladdin lives or dies by a simple damage system, and the only special items he can find along the way are food, keys, rocks to throw in the Palace, and Scarabs continues.

Great graphics and wonderful game play aside, this game presents no real challenge to the average gamer. Then again, you're Aladdin. Heroes and villains that look and move exactly us they dhirag in the movie. Keep your scimitar slashing as you advance. No other game comes close when comparing animation. This interactive storybook provides endless hours of pleasure, through its beautiful storyline, fascinating animated scenes, as well as its vivid and colorful animations and engaging interactions.

Lots of blue Genie Tokens for the Genie bonus level a,ladin hidden, so explore every building you can enter. We've squashed all the bugs. The hippest kid in Agrabah. Hands down, Disney's Aladdin is the hottest Disney movie to illuminate the silver screen since Uncle Walt first brought animated characters to life. Although the game play is geared towards a younger audience, most SNES owners would be proud to make a wish and find this one on their shelves.

Browse games Game Portals. The ever-curious Abu has touched the Forbidden Treasure and angered the god who guards the Cave of Wonders. There are more side-scrolling run-n-jump sequences on the Game Gear than there were on the Genesis, however, as you dash madly through the streets of Agrabah and across rooftops to the Cave of Wonders and a Magic Carpet ride.

Keep your scimitar slashing and don't waste any wishes! Gameplay is simple, yet elegant. Most games require the latest version of FlashShockwave or Unity Player to play the game. Pelt him with Apples while he's otherwise occupied. The animation allaidn as smooth as it could be, the sound followed the movie to a tee, and the game play couldn't be better.

And they have taken the timer out to give you an opportunity to watch the game as well as battle your way through Agrabah to defeat Jafar and save the Princess Jasmine.

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