Micom p111 relay manual

However, the manuals cannot cover all conceivable circumstances or include detailed information on all topics. The relay is flexible enough to allow for the programming of these facilities to specific user application requirements and are discussed below. The system works by the master device initiating all actions and the slave devices, the relays , responding to the master by supplying the requested data or by taking the requested action. Depending on a model chosen, there are different options for the relay configuration.

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MiCOM P, Manual (global file) P/EN M/D11 | Schneider Electric

If a P test block is provided, the connections should be checked against the scheme wiring diagram. Typically a back-up protection element. Various methods are available to achieve correct relay co-ordination on a system; by means of time alone, current alone or a combination of both time and current.

High Voltage Dielectric Withstand Recognition time: Ensure that the timer will start when the current is applied to the relay.

A portable PC, with appropriate software this enables the rear communications port to be tested, if micomm is to be used, and will also save considerable time during commissioning.

MiCOM P OVERCURRENT RELAY Software Version 7D Hardware Suffix AD | suraj singh - buylevitra.xyz

Relqy recommended minimum protective conductor earth wire size is 2. Shaking hands achieves equipotential. The logic diagram for ZZ external protection is shown in Figure 3 Binary inputs: If it is necessary to store or transport printed circuit boards removed from the case, place them individually in electrically conducting anti-static bags.

All values are in primary, the values displayed should be equal to the applied current multiplied by the corresponding current transformer ratio set in proper cell.

After that make a shorting of T1-T2 terminals: Inh An inhibit signal. Accidental touching of exposed terminals If working in an area of restricted space, such as a cubicle, where there is a risk of electric shock due to accidental touching of terminals which do not comply with IP20 rating, then rlay suitable protective barrier should be provided.

External connection diagram for model F, flush mounting case 13 Figure 8: There are five hardware versions of P When the supply voltage is restored, the LED corresponding to the protection tripped lights on, and output relays switch-over to the states from before voltage interruption depending on the chosen configuration when gelay the relaythat is: If the opto-isolated input state is not being correctly read by the relay the applied signal should be tested. It can control a circuit-breaker or contactor.

The relay starts the work on the new setting group after the set time delay Setting: U F31 Unsigned integer - Protection configuration mannual ST The model of the relay e. Any disassembly of the equipment may expose parts at hazardous voltage, also electronic parts may be damaged if suitable electrostatic voltage discharge ESD precautions are not taken.

Non-directional overcurrent logic diagram 4 Figure 2: If the application-specific settings have been applied to the relay prior to commissioning, it is advisable to make a copy of the settings so as to allow their restoration later. A changing of setting requires write command, which are blockaded by that function too. If that function is activated no any remote changing of setting is possible.

Rrelay for CB application. PTC and ZZ have manuall time delay, from this reason start activate alarm ; 1 P4 output is energised on applying auxiliary supply voltage Vx to terminals A1 and A2 closed, opened.

MiCOM P111, Manual (global file) P111/EN M/D11

For most equipment with ring-terminal connections, the threaded terminal block for current transformer termination has automatic CT shorting on removal of the module. Modern test equipment may contain many of the above features in one unit.

A guide to the mechanical and electrical installation of the relay is provided, incorporating earthing recommendations. This method is preferred for transferring function settings as it is much faster and there is less margin for error. Relay rear panel for flush mounting case For rail mounting case terminals are available on the front panel of relays Figure 1 Refer to the wiring diagram in the Installation section for complete connection details.

Therefore, the following key for the relay description was adopted in this manual: An event may be a change of state of a control input or output relay, an alarm condition, setting change, protection element trip etc.

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