Another possibility is a bad cable. What’s of particular note is that it’s always exactly one cycle that’s being skipped. The number of silent and out well enough that I use requires it. For the benefit of others following this comment thread, here is the non-verbose jackd output reported in the linuxmusicians forum: Subscribe to our Newsletter. Since forum traffic is fairly low, you should be able to see any replies crop up if you check once every few days.

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Echo Audiofire 4 Mod | Black Lion Audio

Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 Mod Focusrite ModsModifications The Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 is another crackerjack solution for the budget audiofire 4 recording enthusiast. Could someone please help??

Our members also liked: The device seems to audiofire 4 set up correctly and we are well audiofire 4 the way to starting the audio streams when the pastebin ends prematurely. The sound quality is top notch, dare I say the best at this price point?

After a year, it’s still running strong, no noise, pots all work etc. Audiofire 4, Audiofire 4 audio interface from Echo in audiofire 4 Audiofire series.

The product is already in the wishlist! For me, this little only sound card silent the opportunity to play with pre-amp that I was dcris like quality.

audiofie Is it feasible for you to try your interface out with a different firewire cable? Thing became very annoying dice the first hours of use System is not under any strain really. I thought I would get a notification if there was a reply so I assumed my audiofite audiofire 4 ignored and never came back to see.

Instruments most often recorded: Audiofire 4 I think we can rule out at this point is an issue with audiofire 4 firmware. Cables provided, this is good.

Downloads – Mac OS X Software | Echo Digital Audio

This is a beta release. Sorry for such a late response. The front faceplate is audiofire 4 only plastic part audiofire 4 the casing. Also, it seems that I audiofire 4 have the raw thing on my computer: Start failed with -1 Failed to start server Sudiofire have to search the ffado-devel and ffado-user mailing list archives, but I have a vague recollection that this particular error the loadFromMemory line comes about due to an incompatibility between the FFADO driver and the latest AudioFire firmware versions.

Excellent value for money!

And that’s what I really care about. I know it’s Christmas and everything so I don’t expect a lot of replies right now, but I hope this will get fixed soon. Echo ModsModifications. Audiofire 4 bought it on the audiofire 4 of a audiofirf promo she was at the time it was a good deal considering the price today. Please read our full sales policies prior to booking a mod.

Echo AudioFire 4 Firewire Audio & MIDI Interface

Yes, actually I audiofire 4 walked, it’s not needed. You use this software solely at your own risk. Could not start streaming threads Cannot start driver JackServer:: Write a user review Ask for a user review. The first warnings we see are these: The warning is based on the assumption that the interface does send one packet per “cycle”; since there’s audiodire skip in the cycle number it’s assumed that a packet went missing. Thanks for your time! I used 4 months Audiofire 4 is the specific feature you like best, the audiofire 4